Revitalizing Organizational Capability

A DoD group responsible for maintaining and supporting aircraft had steadily worsening performance due to aged and degraded facilities and equipment. There was an overdue need to recapitalize and modernize infrastructure, adapt to changing needs of new aircraft introductions, and examine potential process improvements. They needed a holistic, comprehensive analysis to assess a wide range of options and prioritize a time-phased investment and improvement plan.

Integrated Data Analytics

Previous analysis efforts did not effectively leverage data due to the vast quantity of information of different types and maturity across many organizations and locations. We used our causal modeling and analysis of maintenance drivers to identify the key data needs from their extended enterprise. We integrated data from many systems to assemble the right information for analysis, including raw, nonuniform, unstructured, and high-dimensionality data sets of varying quality.

We built data science and visualization tools to aggregate, organize, and identify layers of dependencies and correlations. These tools produced insights from previously unexplored relationships across the diverse data sets.

Strategic Prioritization

Our analysis framework allowed the agency to prioritize improvements in facility infrastructure, maintenance capability and processes, and major capital equipment. The analysis highlighted previously unseen opportunities for optimization within each major facility and across the enterprise.

Improved Long-term Readiness

The analyses armed the agency with the needed insights and rationale to set funding requirements for a staged multi-decade investment plan, project expected capability over time, and quantify and explain the financial and readiness benefits from the investment.