MIT Spin-Off

We originally began as Pugh-Roberts Associates in 1963, when our founders Jack Pugh and MIT Professor Ed Roberts set out to apply their pioneering Massachusetts Institute of Technology research in System Dynamics modeling to help leaders in industry and government solve complex and important problems.  Seven members of our current team joined Pugh-Roberts and have been with our group ever since.  Pugh-Roberts developed DYNAMO (and later Jitia) simulation software, along with the Program Management Modeling System (PMMS) which Sage continues to evolve and enhance.  Pugh-Roberts led in providing strategic analysis to help the largest and most important development programs and world-leading organizations.

Global Management Consulting

In the 1990s we were acquired by a global management and technology consulting firm.  We continued to strengthen and broaden our strategic analysis capability to incorporate other types of analysis and data science, and extended our experience in designing sustainable strategies that reflect the human and organizational dynamics of change initiatives.

Sage 2020

We have spun-out again as an independent, employee-owned company — Sage Analysis Group.  The name connects our past and present, and provides us a strong foundation for our future.

Professor Jay Forrester’s development of the field of System Dynamics analysis at MIT was inspired by his work to develop the groundbreaking SAGE Air Defense system at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory.  He saw how performance of large organizations was strongly influenced by causal factors and dynamics over time, and applied a scientific approach to analyzing these influences with System Dynamics models.

Sage reflects our clients’ desire for strategic analysis that includes both rigorous quantitative evaluation of options as well as consideration of qualitative and human factors to help them navigate through uncertainty and make strategic decisions with wisdom.

We are excited to continue innovating approaches to strategic analysis which help leaders in industry and government address the many critical and complex challenges ahead.  We are passionate about attacking important problems with rigorous, pragmatic analysis that helps leaders act effectively and with confidence.