Meet Our Experts

Our leadership team has deep personal expertise in using strategic analysis and data science approaches to address highly complex challenges.  We regularly work at board level and government equivalent on especially complex issues, with innovative approaches that help leaders navigate through uncertainty.

Tom Mullen

Management Group

Tom Mullen is an expert in strategic analysis of complex programs and organizations. Tom has analyzed strategic issues and advised on action plans for corporate and government clients at the highest levels, for over 30 years.

Tom has a personal specialty in analyzing business dynamics of complex organizations and major programs to assess likely long-term performance, prioritize strategic risks, and identify actions to improve. Tom helps clients use this insight to develop pragmatic solutions and build support among stakeholders on the path forward.

Tom holds an MS in Management from MIT’s Sloan School of Management with concentrations in Strategy and System Dynamics. He received his BS degree from MIT in Management Science with a focus on Information Systems and Expert Systems.

Ritu Sharma

Management Group

Ritu Sharma has advised clients on complex programs and strategic business issues for ~20 years. She is an expert in the employment of customized strategic frameworks and rigorous models to develop long-term strategies, inform executive decision-making, and implement change.

Ritu has led Sage’s largest DoD engagements, working across acquisition programs and security topics. She leads Sage’s efforts on many of the major Aerospace and Defense programs, providing strategic advice across the lifecycle on difficult decisions and priorities. She has also helped government organizations evaluate and plan for complex security issues, with past clients including the Joint Staff, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Research Labs, US Combatant Commands, and others.

Ritu holds an MBA from Cornell University and a B.S. in engineering from MIT.

Bill Dalton

Management Group

In his over 35 year consulting career, Bill Dalton has led many consulting assignments for public and private sector clients in the aerospace, automotive, civil construction, electric power (nuclear and fossil fuel), financial services, transportation, shipping and shipbuilding sectors. These assignments have generally involved analysis, decision frameworks and advice to improve management of complex development programs and to structure policy and strategy initiatives. Most assignments included using advanced dynamic simulation methods.

Bill holds an M.S. in Ocean Systems Management from MIT and a B.S. in Ocean Engineering from MIT.

Tamara Greenlaw

Management Group

Tamara has over 12 years of experience utilizing causal modeling and analysis methods to help address a range of complex security issues including shaping for strategic access, radicalization and violent extremist organizations, organized crime, and humanitarian assistance, as well as high stakes management issues such as capability prioritization and cross functional readiness drivers.

Tamara leads Sage's efforts to adapt and tailor causal methods including: structuring disciplined, transparent causal analysis efforts in environments with sparse information and many sources of uncertainty; aligning causal methods with military Design, Planning, and Assessment practices; tailoring causal methods given demanding end user planning and adaptation contexts; and exploring potential hybrid System Dynamics / machine learning methods. She has worked with OSD P&R, OPNAV N81, N3-5, Marine Corps PA&E, Army PA&E, several US Combatant Commands, Joint Staff J8, Joint Staff J5, DARPA, ONR, and ASD R&E.

Tamara holds a B.S. in Engineering from the University of Maine and MBA and M.S. Engineering degrees from MIT.

John Lyneis

Management Group

John is an expert in the use of dynamic simulation models to advise senior clients on complex strategy, policy, and program challenges. John has developed original simulation and conceptual models to help prioritize actions, understand the implications of major investment decisions, improve performance, evaluate growth strategies, and manage risk. John’s work typically involves highly calibrated and tailored system dynamics models grounded in quantitative data and / or qualitative causal analysis.

John has been the technical lead on a broad range of assignments over 15+ years. These include program modeling for several major DoD acquisition programs, analysis of infrastructure and platform sustainment challenges in energy and aerospace & defense, cross-functional capability prioritization to support military readiness, and personnel and workforce modeling.

John holds a Ph.D. in System Dynamics from the MIT Sloan School of Management and a B.A. in Political Science from Yale University.

Robert Pillar

Management Group

Robert has over 20 years of experience providing strategic advice and guidance on complex issues using data-driven business strategy, analytics, and simulation analysis. Robert's industry expertise covers defense, aerospace, utilities, civil construction, and law enforcement. Robert has been leading Sage’s efforts with the US Department of Defense, and UK Ministry of Defence, tackling complex aerospace design, production and sustainment challenges. He has a passion for building and leading high performing cross-functional teams of analytics experts, technical, and business leaders, and has helped build Sage’s reputation for delivering practical sustained results on some of the most complex issues faced by our clients.

Rob completed his BS with Honors 1st Class in Chemical Engineering at University of New South Wales, Australia.

VADM (Retired) Rick Snyder

Management Group

Rick excels in combining operational and strategic perspectives to rigorously analyze complex issues and devise effective solutions. Rick develops visionary strategies to address problems and improve performance by clarifying the issues, integrating quantitative and qualitative analysis, acknowledging uncertainty and managing risk.

Rick is a retired United States Navy Vice Admiral (3-star) with decades of experience leading large and complex organizations in challenging, dynamic and resource constrained environments. He held leadership positions in Naval Aviation, Naval Surface Forces, the Joint Staff, a Combatant Command, and as the Naval Inspector General. Rick has extensive experience in intra-governmental and international affairs at the highest levels of government.

Rick holds an MS in Operations Research from the Naval Postgraduate School and a BS in Management from Tulane University.

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